Welcome To Jeevan Prabodhini

Jeevan Probodhini Trust is an organization established on 20th May, 2002 with the intention of holistic development by exploring the young human resources i.e. youth energy. Holistic development is possible through overall development.

The Gandhian vision of Sustainable Development can be spelt out in a Ten-Point Charter.

1. Humankind would act in a manner that it is a part of Nature, rather than apart from Nature.
2. Materials available on the earth are not used with an element of greed.
3. Human beings practice non-violence not only towards fellow human beings but also towards other living organisms and inanimate materials, because overuse of such materials also amounts to violence.
4. Women are respected, and are made partners in, and are given their rightful place in all spheres of human endeavour.
5. Bottom-up shared view is preferred to the top-down authoritarian overview.
6. Human beings care for and share with the poor and the destitute in society, as a moral obligation towards them.
7. The human race thinks about how much is enough for a simple, need-based, austere and comfortable lifestyle.
8. All development, as far as is possible, leads to local self-reliance, and equity with social justice.
9. Ethics and self-discipline in resource use is an overriding criterion of Sustainable development.